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Varad Program integrates modern medicine with holistic health practices in order to effectively improve the quality of life for psychiatry patients. Our main goal is to ensure that patients receive the proper attention and individual care by establishing a treatment plan which is aligned with the patients' experiences, needs and goals. We are committed to bringing about a positive change in the lives of our patients through advanced psycho-pharmacological treatments with powerful and safe alternative therapies.

Personalized, Targeted Treatments

Experience highly individualized expert and compassionate care in a safe confidential environment


Least Toxic, Most Effective Treatment

Modern medical psychiatry, TMS and holistic practices like Meditation, etc


Balance Between Physical & Mental Health

Relaxation with a feeling of warmth, inner peace and well being


Nutritional Support By Health Coach

Educate about effective safe and natural healing approaches


Experience highly individualized expert and compassionate care in a safe confidential environment


Experience highly individualized expert and compassionate care in a safe confidential environment


Mental Health Counseling

Psychological and emotional one on one support


Help & Support

Help & Support

Client Testimonials

Nozomi Kitagawa is a great therapist. She is very insightful. Receptionist is your first example of how good everyone is. Kishore really cares and uses all methods to communicate. The part I like most is the atmosphere of the office, very therapeutic.


They really care about my progress and want to see me succeed. I have been able to face and work through a variety of issues with the help of both Nozomi and Kishore and would highly recommend Varad Program.


I have been a patient for over a year now and have been having great results so far. The location is great and the office is peaceful and welcoming. I like the fact that Dr. Kishore has a very respectful approach to medications and the body. He takes the time to listen and I feel that my opinion is taken into account in the process. Nozomi is not only very knowledgeable, but also very empathetic and human, and direct when necessary. I can say for sure that this is the most comprehensive care I have received so far and I can see the difference in how much better I have been dealing with stress and new challenges over the last few months.

-Rosa Simon

The staff and environment is welcoming and therapeutic and the office set amongst trees. Varad Program was recommended to me by a family member and my teenage daughter and I have been going every week for a few months. It has been a place of solace for us. Carla and Nozomi are amazing, compassionate and very experienced counselors. I always leave each session feeling calm and empowered. Kishore is very knowledgeable regarding mental health and medication management. He prescribes medication thoughtfully and follows up regularly. I feel a sense of security having our individualized care handled by a team of competent professionals all in one place. The holistic care we have experienced uses a balance of psychiatry, psychotherapy, natural healing practices and science. I feel safe, comfortable and confident with the care given and I have experienced good results. I am especially relieved to have found such a good place for my daughter.

Kate PT

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