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Kishore Varada: I have been in practice of psychiatry for over 11 years. I work with patients 13 and older and I offer medication management services in coordination with psychotherapy.

My practice within Bellevue includes new psychiatric treatments and testings such as QEEG, QB check, MTHFR genetic testing and urine drug screens. In Tri-Cities location, we offer TMS treatment for patients with medication-resistant depression.

I prioritize getting to know my patients and streamlining medication plans for their specific needs. I enjoy working with diverse groups of people and creating care plans together with my clients. I see patients both in person and through video conference as part of our Telepsych For You program.

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Farrukh Hashmi: I am a board-certified psychiatrist. I have worked with a diverse group of psychiatric patients for the past twenty years within the Tri-Cities, now I have extended my services to Bellevue location.

I serve patients age 13 and up in inpatient care, outpatient care, TMS and medication management. Conditions I treat include ADD and ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression and many more. I enjoy helping patients find stability in their lives with the help of psychotherapy and medication management.

The goal of modern psychiatry is to alleviate suffering by restoring one's full balance of health. Whether you have a psychiatric ailment or are simply going through a difficult period in your life. Our team of therapists and I work together coordinating patient care for each individuals needs.

Jyothi Dikkala: I am Varad Clinic’s Program Director and Certified Health Coach. I was trained as a physician in India and became certified as a health coach in the U.S. I make sure you get the best service experience at Varad clinic from the moment you walk-in to the clinic to your next appointment scheduled.

Always I am open to corrections if they are any that aid to improve the service at our clinic. As a health coach I use my extended education to blend my knowledge of medicine with nutrition to aid my patients through changes in their lifestyle and food intake. Previous clients I have worked with have experienced positive changes regarding various issues that include: hypothyroidism, anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and diabetes.

Carla grace I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with 12 plus years of experience and my techniques include DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), emotional freedom technique, and sand tray. I take clients starting from age 6yrs and above. My therapeutic style is interactive, inclusive and supportive. I facilitate my client's exploration of the root of traumatic events from a nurturing and empowering perspective. I view the healing process as a sacred and vulnerable experience and create a safe and empowering environment for exploration and healing. It is a privilege to walk alongside a person through their healing journey.

Emily Ehrhart, LMHC:Emily Ehrhart has practiced as a psychotherapist for over ten years, and has worked with diverse populations in various settings such as community mental health organizations, outpatient programs, and residential facilities.

As a therapist, Emily strives to understand her clients' unique needs and strengths. She values her clients' experience of treatment and always respects their comfort with treatment progress. Emily believes that her therapeutic alliance with clients is foundational to the growth and change they experience through therapy.

Emily utilizes Schema Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support her clients in understanding their thought patterns and emotional triggers. She also teaches various skills to help clients better manage uncomfortable emotions.

Emily has experience treating anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, relationship conflicts, and adjustment problems related to life stressors.

As your therapist, Emily will support you to better understand your struggles and strengths, identify changes that feel healthy, and progress towards wellness.

Brian Ellez, LMHC As a therapist, I work to develop a relationship of collaboration and attunement to support clients in realizing the change they seek in their lives. I have extensive experience with adults and teens working through trauma, anxiety, and depression, as well as family and other relational issues, work stress and life transitions. I use a variety of practical, skills-based techniques nested in larger life-contexts of family and culture, to explore solutions and rediscover hope. I take an active approach giving feedback, suggesting actions, and assigning homework. Ultimately the client is in charge of his/her own life decisions.

I am bilingual (Spanish) and accustomed to working with cultural differences. I work eclectically from a variety of therapeutic models depending on my client's goals and preferences, including mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, solution-focused, somatic work for trauma, structural family therapy and family of origin frameworks.

I have certification for providing consultation to mental health clinicians for the Hispanic population as a Washington State Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist (EMMHS). At Varad Program I work with a team of clinicians including psychiatric prescribers for those interested in medication management, and therapists providing EMDR and CBT.

Ivonne Garibay is a LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has 10 plus years of experience.

She also carries LPC, MHP CMHC, EMMHS certificates. Her expertise are: CBT, DBT, CBT plus, TF-CBT, domestic violence counseling, parenting interventions, Trauma and Anxiety, De-escalations techniques, psychotherapy, solutions focus therapy, systems counseling, narrative therapy and Bowen techniques and few more.

Hope she will be a good fit for you.