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TMS Outline
  • TMS is FDA-approved for the treatment of major depression.
  • TMS targets specific areas of the brain that are understood to regulate mood.
  • TMS has the ability to selectively alter the activity in small areas of the brain.
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    TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy was recently FDA-approved for patients suffering from major depression who have not benefited from prior anti-depressant treatment. This form of therapy is non-invasive which works quickly and efficiently to accommodate your schedule. During a professionally monitored procedure which generally lasts around forty minutes, TMS gently sends a pulsed electrical current to specific areas of the brain believed to be involved in mood regulation. The goal of Reliance TMS Therapy is to allow you to feel the pulsations of hope and renewal coursing through your everyday activities once again. It can be the beginning step towards a positive outlook on the possibly forgotten beauty of life.

    TMS Outline

    Pre-treatment Consultation

    This initial consultation is to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for Reliance TMS therapy.

    First Day of Treatment

    Treatment is administered by a trained operating technician and overseen by your psychiatrist.


    Depending on the patient’s individual needs, treatment protocol could consist of anywhere from 20-30 treatment sessions extended over a 4-6 week period, five times per week.


    Reliance TMS Center staff members would like to know your feedback and enjoy learning how we can help your treatment experience be as comfortable as possible.

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